Meet the Authors

Nicole Obenshine

Mother of two boys & Co-Creator Your MamaMorphosis®️

Nicole experienced vast challenges and triumphs throughout both of her perinatal journeys. From fertility to postpartum she knows the highs and lows that come with Motherhood. She is now on a mission to support and empower the maternal community and does so in many aspects.

She is a Womb Light™ and Energy Doula, Published Author of Mama Bare: The Grizzly Truths of Motherhood along with various other projects, including this planner. Her vision is to raise the vibration of the maternal community through Energy, Education, and Empowerment.

You can learn more about Nicole at or in addition to following her on Instagram @womblightenergy or @mamabarebook.


Sarah Elle

Aspiring Mother & Co-Creator Your MamaMorphosis®️

For now, she is the author of a multitude of personal development resources at TheButterflyEffect Planner. As she embarks on the journey of fully immersing herself in the mind and spirit of a mother, she fills her days writing and healing all areas of her life. She partners with creatives across the globe to create workbooks to inspire and educate her readers to define the life of their dreams.

Her efforts with Nicole are to learn the truths and enigmas of motherhood so she may help women realize that there are infinite ways of living a life unique to our dreams and that we each hold the power to create the life that we desire.

You can follow her journey online by following her on Instagram or simply visit her website