Calling All Birth Workers & Mother-centered Professionals

The exercise prompts and journaling ideas, as well as the vast resources available in each workbook, are written to inform mothers of all their choices and offer international resources for pregnancy to postpartum support. Partnering with mother-centred professionals such as doulas, birth workers, midwives, and others allows YourMamaMorphosis and women around the world to access timely articles for each stage of their gestational journey.


YourMamaMorphosis is looking forward to branching into the lives of countless women who want to become their most empowered and informed selves as a mother. We encourage the distribution of our pregnancy and postpartum workbooks to birth workers and doulas across the globe.

An interpersonal journal for all of your clients to get informed, learn how to manage the transformation of motherhood, and expand their knowledge as a mother.

Different themes for every week of pregnancy and up to 12 weeks of postpartum articles and resources. Some segments in YourMamaMorphosis touch on topics such as Surrender, navigating pregnancy, registry essentials, emotional wellbeing during all stages, PMAD resources, confidence as an emerging mother, body-positivity, self-care ideas.

A Cost-alternative workbook to hand to onboarding clients and inform new mothers in any stages of their pregnancy. Includes workbooks, planners, and articles in each book.


Full-spectrum pregnancy to postpartum workbooks that touch on all the most important subjects.


Designed for new mothers, and women who want to deepen their bond and trust the journey of motherhood.


Ideal for birth-worker distribution as a welcome or onboarding gift. Shares all the essentials of transitioning to motherhood.


These are universal and fill-in the lines ideas for new mothers. Each workbook and journey is different. All options on the table.


Interested in spreading the word? 

You're ready to empower so many mothers who cross your path, and you can think of no better gift than YourMamaMorphosis as an all-in-one welcome to this miraculous journey. Tell your friends, clients, and perfect strangers that they have options and can create the dream pregnancy and motherhood they are called to. 

This is about awakening the empowered and healed parent in every one of us, as well as honoring the path of bringing a child to life. To share a workbook is to reflect on who you want to be as a parent and birth worker. By sharing, you give an emerging parent the opportunity to learn from compassionate and grounded mothers before them. We have gathered wisdom from hundreds of mothers, experts, activists, and healers to bring the public an all-inclusive guide to motherhood.

Please reach out to Nicole or Sarah if you would like more details about purchasing workbooks and our pregnancy planners in bulk. We encourage birth-centred and mother-centred activists to share these empowering workbooks with their clients and community. 

If you want to speak to someone directly, please reach out to or submit the form below.